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Sunday, April 30, 2006


I wanted to write something about "Real Estate" earlier, but somehow didnot find the opportune time. However, as I just return from the informal meeting that was put up by some real "real estate" enthusiasts, I must say that I am quite impressed by these people, their past career till date and their ability to discover new oppurtunities. For instance, there was this guy named P. P did his schooling from Doon his undergraduation degree from Delhi University in Economics.... moved to London to get his masters in Economics from London School of Economics.... returned back to India to start his own venture.......selected to lead the Indian office of a leading real estate firm before joining ISB. Then there was U, who worked for quite some time with a leading consultancy firm in tourism, hotel business, and similar domains, mostly outside India, before relocating to ISB. S (There will be so many Ss in the class of 2007), who has worked for a top real estate firm took the challenge to enlighten lesser mortals like me with an wonderful presentation that covered the complete industry scenario.

Now, coming back to the formal acads.... Term 1 starts tomorrow. And yes... life in ISB is really hectic.... I have got to cover around 90 pages of reading materials in statistics(tonight) before I face the statistics class tomorrow.

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