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Thursday, April 27, 2006


Center for Global Logistics and Manufacturing Strategies (GLAMS) is one of the centers of excellence started in ISB (in fact the newest), the other two being Center of Analytical finance (CAF) and Wadhwani Center of Entrepreneurship Development (WCED). Plans of new centers of excellence are in the agenda.

In a brief presentation hosted today, the director of Global Logistics and Manufacturing Strategies Prof. Viswanadham presented quite an ambitious picture of industry concepts like supply chain management and manufacturing. He also covered the retail industry and food processing industry, indicating the kind of potential that lies hidden in such sectors, especially in a country like India.

One thing interesting about these centers of excellence is that they are brand new centers and this offers them the freedom and opportunity to tap the most happening things around. And from what I understand, students play a quite a decent role in the brand enhancement of these centers. For instance, when asked about the maritime supply chain management industry, Prof. Viswanadham informed that the center plans to work with various port authorities and maritime sector soon.

So far things are going great for these infant “research powerhouses” of ISB. And as a part of the ISB fraternity, it will be great pleasure to see these centers scaling new peaks with time.

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