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Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Section F, F-6, SV-1, and L Block and L-18 are some of the tags with which I will be associated with in ISB. The superstitious person that lies within me tempts me to believe that all these tags will bring all the luck and force along with them.

One thing that I have noted here is that ISB offers an unlimited scope of activities. I feel one of the first things which I should learn to do in ISB is to prioritize my activities. Academic success is extremely important and it is an extremely dangerous idea to mess with it. Extracurricular activities are always important and the individual should have a clear idea how to balance studies with extracurricular activities such that a healthy mix can be obtained. The difficult part in ISB is that it is a one year course and this factor never allows rectifying one’s mistakes.

I am lucky considering the fact that my quad-mates and core-group team mates are fabulous people with whom it will be always a pleasure to work with. Core group members include an IITB graduate who has been involved with oil rigs for some time, a girl with economics background who was working with National Geographic channel/History channel and a couple of IT guys. A fairly good mix ….. I should say.
Quad-mates include a couple of CAs. One of them has worked for American Express and other for a host of consultancies including KPMG. So they will help me to cross the barriers in accountancy… least so they say.

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