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Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Today, I will like to finish off the last of the series of questions, I have been discussing for the last few days. So, why did I go for Indian School of Business, Hyderabad?
The reasons are clear for me -
1) ISB is the school which offered me suitable answers to the questions (which I have already discussed in my earlier post).
2) ISB is a young school (although it has carved out a terrific brand for itself). And I feel I can learn a lot from the entrepreneurship ideas that goes into the building of such great projects. I feel I have learnt a lot just by following the day to day progress of this institute.
3) I strongly believe that I can pick up some really good contacts by being a part of this school. The awesome links this school has can be inspiration to any MBA applicant.
4) I trust that ISB is destined to be the top school of Asia- Pacific region. Just a matter of time before it turns out to be official. My long term interests are focussed in this region.
5) The cost of ISB MBA is very less compared to US MBA. This will provide me the freedom to choose my career with sufficient freedom without worrying much about the loan repayment.
6) And finally, few schools can match ISB, in terms of quality of faculty. And this can make learning look really easy and effective.

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