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Saturday, April 29, 2006


Hey.. hey.. today is not my birthday

Guess the number of people in the pool

Can you find the bday gal

Not long ago, the ISB campus belonged to the Class of 2006. They added on to the various traditions of ISB, and the Class of 2007 successfully inherited all the great stuff that the earlier batch did. One of such events is the birthday celebration in ISB. I will not write much about how we celebrate the birthday….. have a look at the snaps and you get to know all the fun. Section F celebrated the first birthday dunking of the year…. And the birthday girl is none other than my quad neighbor D. Cheers D…. Wish you all the best and hope this year turns out to be amongst the most memorable years of your life….

Alums.. if you are reading this, do thank me for bringing back the nostalgic memories of ISB.

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