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Monday, September 27, 2010


I thought (and still think) that “Dabaang” has all the necessary ingredients that goes to the making of a B grade Indian movie. Yet it is one of the biggest all time hits of the country. Keeps me thinking….is it all about marketing???

…Or am I not able to appreciate stuff which others perceive “interesting”.


With due respect to the sentiments of the people who were busy celebrating the Ganesh immersion celebrations on the already choked roads of Mumbai, I keep thinking about the patient who was inside the screeching ambulance. The ambulance searched for avenues to beat the choked roads already blocked by the celebrating devotees and the mighty Ganesh idols, but met with little success. The blowing siren and the flickering light on the top of the ambulance turned out to be absolutely helpless.

I keep thinking about the unknown patient who was inside that ambulance on the day of Ganesh immersion. Did the Lord ensure that he survived? I hope so…

Monday, September 20, 2010


Why do we earn money? Is it to make our life more comfortable? If that were the case, then people won’t be striving hard in their offices working late into the night neglecting their own lives, their own health, their own families….
Whats the point in earning excess money if this doesnot translate to personal happiness and professional satifaction?
(With reference to life of an investment banker)

Wednesday, September 08, 2010


I have rarely seen gratitude to the extent I saw that night when I handed over a 100 rupees note to a taxi driver who dropped me home. The meter showed around 30 rupees less and the driver searched his pocket to pay me back the change. I said him to keep the change and moved out.

The driver looked as if he had never been happy in his life. He had a face which probably never experienced the happiness to smile.

But as he was steering his taxi back, he waved at me and thanked me. I could feel it in his voice…the sense of thankfulness. Difficult to believe the worth of thirty rupees sometimes.


Read something interesting today:
There is an optimal salary level where people are the happiest. Earning lower than the optimal earnings make people unhappy. Earnings if more than the optimal range can also wipe out the happiness that is experienced by the people who are in the optimal salary level.

Just wondering how far this is true…

Wednesday, September 01, 2010


In a busy morning during office hours cool down and relax on our seat…and…listen to the myriad of voices humming around. Hear the finance people talking about the investments, hear the legal people talking about the liabilities….hear the HR team discussing employee motivation programs and hear the business development people discussing how to win over the hearts of the clients….
It’s amazing to catch all the voices together from a distance….some underlining how to increase returns and others emphasizing on how to reduce risks.

The risk – return balance game is probably the most important enabler of corporate feel.