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Friday, August 29, 2008


One year and three months….this is the time I spent during the tenure of my first post-MBA job. Another week, and after that I will be moving out to try the next assignment of professional life.

These fifteen months were certainly not without learnings….This is the place where I got a chance to work closely with the top management….this is the place where I feel I have developed a sense of professional maturity (in other words, patience). It was also the place where I got the first hand glimpse of what we had learnt in the first half of ISB – mostly Corp Fin and Accounting.

However, in spite of all the learnings, I could feel myself drifting into a comfort zone. Corporate life in a big company is slow (at least at my level). The easy money associated with it promises a safe, yet predictable and unexciting life. After a certain stage, every day is a replica of another, months and quarters are cyclical, and the initial excitement level keeps dropping.

And after a certain period, you wonder …. “Lets get out of this comfort zone, lets try something which has the potential to pump in more professional excitement into life”

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Kiran Kumar Aalla said...


Great to know that you are moving and great that you didn't move for 15 months.

ISB is like a 100 mts sprint and life is like a Marathon. We have to keep running it patiently and keep changing tracks so that it doesn't get boring.

Good luck to you with the new beginning.

Kiran Kumar A