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Wednesday, April 26, 2006


There is one thing about this year’s batch of ISB that I like very much. It started even before the students met each other in ISB, when P send a primer on “investment banking” months ago, and that was just the beginning. Yes, I am talking about “Knowledge Sharing” which is so typical of ISB students.
Articles on “level 5 leadership”… studies of Mckinsey…… VAT analysis and its impact on general economy….manufacturing and India…. and a whole lot of such articles, which keep floating around, genuinely reflects the diversity of the batch.

Lots of interesting things happening in the campus….. N is likely to come back in couple of days with the most special person of his life (He was the first one in the batch to get married as an ISB student)……SS celebrated her first birthday and S is the happiest mother in the campus…...executive housing is hosting a party today…..pre-terms have reached mid-way…….and the list never seems to end. I can really feel the charm and sweetness of this kind of life.

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