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Saturday, April 22, 2006


“Managing one’s ignorance”……This is a completely new term which I came across during the “Leadership Development Programme” in ISB. Sounds slightly unusual but has tremendous depth hidden within. This phrase introduced me to the concept of those leaders who lead “from middle” or “from back”. Now how is this possible and what has ignorance got to do with leadership?

One can lead from middle or from back if he really knows what his weaknesses are, and what he is ignorant of. Once he knows this, he knows exactly when he can act as a follower and hand over the charge to the person, who is good at the particular activity. And in this process, he also learns the skills which are required for the successful completion of that particular activity.

Thus, a person who can “manage his ignorance” develops the ability to learn from others, knows exactly when it is the time to pave way for others, and turns out to be an excellent team member with no ego problems.

I hope my team members in ISB are good at managing their ignorance.

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