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Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Slowly and steadily, the ISB pace is catching up. People are busy following the pre term courses and bracing themselves for the term beginning early next week. Evenings are often reserved for planning the agenda for the professional clubs. Looks like, the class of 2007 has got serious from day one itself.
Well, as far as brilliance is considered, I feel the students of ISB will not stay behind those of the best in global business. However, one department, which I feel, we are slightly lacking is the application of soft skills. People should be more patient especially while planning various club activities. Sometimes people override each other to prove their individual points and at times it becomes slightly difficult, or rather time-consuming to reach a consensus. (In spite of that, I must admit that the progress in various club activities is in fairly good shape).
However, as I look back to the orientation week, I can recollect the maturity and the soft skills that the alums possessed. And I am sure the one year experience in ISB will infuse such maturity into the class of 2007 as well. After all, management education is all about it.
As for myself, I am trying to learn the basics of accounting…. It has been quite sometime since I last read a curriculum related book. Somehow, I managed to complete a chapter with intermittent doses of sweet afternoon naps. I can really understand, how difficult it can be, to transit back into classroom life, after four years of professional career.

PS: When I say "people", it reflects the average ISB junta. There are quite a number of people whose maturity levels are way above the average, especially those from the Indian Civil Services and from the Indian Defence Forces.

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