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Thursday, March 29, 2007


The decision of the Supreme Court over the quota issue proves that everything is not wrong with the system. It brings back the faith that somebody is guarding the integrity and destiny of the nation. The decision for a stay to the 27% OBC reservation goes to root of the constitutional issues which say that reservation is not a long term solution.

I am still not aware how the distinguished people sitting in the parliament can even think of such a draconian act, which will not only destroy the fabric of higher education in India but also divide the Indian society on the basis of caste. Can a politician be such power hungry that he is ready to destroy all the fundamental concepts of upliftment? Can a politician be so selfish that he can destroy a reputed system just for the sake of vote-bank? But unfortunately, it’s true.

God knows where the battle is likely to move…but the faith of an Indian on Judiciary of India is even more deeply entrenched now.

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