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Thursday, April 20, 2006


Apart from the scheduled stuff, the highlights of the first week of my stay in ISB….

(1) “Did I meet you before”… this is the statement which I have been using very lavishly since the last week…"This is the 5th time we are introducing ourselves…ha-ha”-comes the reply. Getting to know 400+ people in a span of a week is a tough job but I do feel I have done a fairly good job at the end of the week.

(2) Liked my section T-shirt so much that I decided to wash it only after R informed me that she is yet to see me in a different attire. May be I will collect a couple of T-shirts before the stock is over.

(3) Took a fairly decent number of snaps which I am sure will be in great demand once ISB life draws towards an end.

(4) Realized that the senors and senoritas of this batch are smarter than what I expected them to be… especially the senoritas.

(5) Met almost all the active bloggers of the class of 2007.

(6) Decided to prioritize my activities in ISB before it gets late.

(7) Enjoyed the orientation week so much that I want to relive that experience again and again….thanks to the alums.

(8) Have to verify with P (the student from Italy) if I have an Italian accent….(based on the observation of D, who stays in the opposite quad.)


Anonymous said...

put ur snap with T-shirt !!!

Enjoy life dude!



will put soon.. Deb