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Monday, April 24, 2006


It began like just another intro......
For brevity let me refer myself as M and the other gentleman as G

M: Hi, Did we meet before?
G (with a smile on his face and with extra ordinary modesty): Did we?
M: Anyway… This is Sabyasachi Mohanty…You can call me Sabya.
G: That’s nice. Sabya is short and easy.
M: I am sorry. Can I get your name?
G(with even more modesty): I am X
M: It’s a pleasure meeting with you X
G: Same here too. What is your professional background like?
M (impatiently): Blah blah……And what yours?
G: I belong to the faculty.
M (with a sudden reaction): Faculty. Faculty at ISB?
G (with enough friendliness): Yes.
M (What more can I say…): Great meeting you, Sir…..
G: Same here too.

It is sometimes difficult to differentiate between professors and students at ISB. And to add to the trauma, the professors are so modest that you don’t know how to react after you realize that the person with whom you were so casually talking is a professor.


Kiran said...

The fact that you actually befriended a member of the faculty will only work in your favor. Call it serendipity, and don't stop accosting people, even if they turn out to be the prof or the dean :)
BTW, you have a nice blog going. Keep rocking.


Kiran...The experience was really fabulous.. I really liked the experience. Your r really correct in saying that we should know as many people as possible in ISB. It is a life time oppurtunity

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