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Thursday, March 01, 2007


Here are some questions which will be there in the minds of the people who are about to join ISB. So let me try my part to provide my answers.

1. How important are grades in getting a job?
Well, this depends on what your aspirations are. If you are targeting the top 3 consultancies then you better come up with good grades. Other than that grades donot seem to matter much. Lateral roles in industry and finance are heavily dependent on your past work experience. However this doesnot mean that you should not study at all. What I can suggest is... live a good, normal, well balanced life. Concentrate on the learnings and do not kill yourself for grades. Invest the time for using the facilities of ISB.

2. What is the correlation between good grades and a high pay pack?
My answer should be zero. Baring a few selected consultancies no one looks for grade and the highest paymasters are not the consultancies. A good pay is rather a function of your work experience, your focus, extra efforts, negotiation skills etc.

3. Are low paying jobs inferior?
No way. Some of the hottest and biggest industry brands are not amongst the greatest pay masters, to begin with. However, once you stay a couple of years in such places, you tend to multiple your salary at a very fast rate. So donot just focus on the initial package, but also look into details like what the pay can be after a couple of years down the line.

4. How important are independent studies to crack great jobs?
If you are longing to crack a job in a particular field, I will strongly recommend to do some independent study in that area. It will become an excellent selling point during the interviews.

5. Is the process of “short listing” of CVs during placements a stochastic process?
Well, from the prospective of the students…yes. But from the prospective of recruiters…no. Let me give a particular example of a leading oil and energy company which visited the campus. The job was a dream role for people with oil and energy experience. However the people who were short-listed were people with IT and entrepreneurial experience. Thus from the viewpoint of students this turned out to be stochastic. But from the viewpoint of recruiter….why should they hire someone from oil background from an Indian campus…they can better hire from their own country. They should better hire people with IT background from India…that’s where India is strong at. So the complete hiring process is dependent on the “requirements” of a company and not what it is specialized in.


Anonymous said...

Excellent Post Sabya.

Kaustubh said...

Excellent Post Sabya . Cant wait for all the other info you have to shell out . All the best

Kaustubh - CO 2008