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Sunday, April 23, 2006


All the alums have left… and before leaving, they passed on the legacy of all their experience to the new batch. The new batch is determined to work on the experience of the last batch, cross all barriers and break all the records created this year. The consultancy club, energy/manufacturing club, marketing club, technology club, EVC (Entrepreneurship and Venture Capitalist) club, finance club and all the existing clubs have discovered a plethora of new members in the Class of 2007. The enthusiasm doesn’t seem to end there. Efforts are being diverted to the formation of new clubs too.
So many smart people around…. so many clubs… many ideas to put into effect…..but where do I stand in this race?
As I relax and analyze all the knowledge sessions (imparted by the alums) and as I take a look at my past work experience and associations, I realize that it makes sense to involve myself in two clubs…….The first one being the energy/manufacturing club…… I strongly feel that I can be a very active member of this group and can contribute substantially.
Now let me visit the consultancy club, which is most likely to host the largest chunk of the current ISB population. At the moment, I really have no great idea on what consultancy is. Although, I cannot contribute substantially to this club (at least, in the beginning), I do feel that I can learn a lot about what consultancy is, by joining this club.

As far as I know, I am not exactly interested in venture capitalist/ investment banking/or IT at the moment. So let me remain away from these clubs and if situation demands later, I can always change my decisions then….however this is very unlikely.

One interesting trend that is visible in this batch is a nascent interest in “real estate”. Although I am not exactly into what real estate is, but with whatever little knowledge and information I have on this topic I feel that it is worth spending some time to explore the opportunities in real estate. Individual efforts have joined hands in this area of concentration and if things go well, the next club will be the Real Estate Club.

That is all about the professional clubs for the moment. Pre terms start from tomorrow…Since I have not registered for any of the pre-term courses, I am free for the next week, as far as classes are considered. At the same time I have to make sure that things don’t go out of my hand when Term1 starts.

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