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Monday, May 01, 2006


Not many days in one single life can be as informative as the day turned out to be..... the day which turned out to be the formal beginning for term1. Suddenly I realised so many things.... realised that being an ISB student demands much more efforts and energy than what I had been prepared for..... realised that I have to cut down my gym timings by atleast an hr (oops what is left, then)...... realised that spending more time with the powerpoint presentation of the class lectures can be more beneficial than spending time with know what I mean. spite of all this, I believe that just spending time with books and assignments might not be the best idea..... All the activities of life should move on, only that the budget on time needs a better allocation.

Well, thats about studies. But one thing that I should have mentioned earlier is the party that was thrown to cebrate N's wedding. It was simply fabulous and even the most serious of people were in a different frame of mind on SV2 mirror pool. I really hope all the unmarried people in ISB complete the good work within their stay in ISB, such that we get to live such great parties more frequently.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sabya,
I guess ISB life would difinitely teach time management more than business.
From the blogs it seems life is really entertainable there, although it's somewhat hectic.
Gud luck buddy !!!


true, very true... sabya

Venkat said...

Hey Sabya are u planning to complete the good work soon? I am looking fwd to the party :))))


why not.... IF POSSIBLE.... hahahah