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Friday, April 21, 2006


Five gentlemen….. all industry heavyweights and extremely renowned faces of Indian industry found some time out of their busy schedules to visit ISB and advise the class of 2007. The list includes a famous brand management consultant, an entrepreneur, one of most famous dropouts of IIM A and two other top industry people….. all of them in the category of CXOs.
Each of these people carried the whole batch through an insightful journey of career in particular and life in general. Let me put down some of the pearls of wisdom that these top people shared….

Not necessarily a person who takes risk will succeed in life….. A normal person with a steady career path can be more successful than a person who believes in a more adventurous career path. The whole concept is something like a road with lots of traffic posts. One guy travels full speed and then waits in the traffic, where a guy with a steady pace catches up.

Its extremely important to balance personal life with professional life….Not all people who have done great in their professional career are happy in life.

It is important to develop an insightful approach to all aspects of life including career.

While focus is important…. one should be ready to change as the situation demands.

LUCK…is very important…."To be in the right place at the right time” requires much more than individual caliber. There is somebody sitting on the top and controlling us.

A person who sticks to one company and tries to prosper within one company is normally more successful than a frequent job hopper.

Modesty is very important. Normally we remember instances when people were rude to us. The same holds good for others also if we are rude to them.

If one is interested in entrepreneurship, then it is wise to start as early as possible.

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