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Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Next week....this time....guess what? The end terms will have got over. But one long week stands in between, to torment. Two more days, and the lectures of term one will be over. That means, it is time to say good bye to Prof. Waterman, Prof. Raju, Prof. Finn and Prof. Vohra. Amazing professors...... great teachers......and I am sure the students of ISB are going to miss each one of the seven professors who took the lectures of term one.

One thing that is striking in ISB, is the rise in the number of guest lectures in ISB. Two very eminent personalities visited ISB in a single day today......Dr. Roulac (CEO, Roulac Real Estate) and Mr. Barjatiya (belongs to the same clan of the famous Rajshree productions). Time constraints didnot allow me to attend both... and I restricted myself to Dr. Roulac's insightful talk. People who attended Barjatiya's talk were also impressed a lot. Real estate and media are steadily emerging as hot topics of interest amongst ISBians.

As about the ISB campus, it is as beautiful as ever. To witness and admire the beauty of the campus we have so many new guests.....yesterday I met one of them on my way back....a long, colorful snake, happily relaxing in front of SV1. The peacocks have got to be smart now and the frogs got to be careful.


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