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Saturday, May 27, 2006


If somebody asks me on what my favorite topic is then it has got to be “Psychology”. I understand wholeheartedly that the most interesting concepts in psychology are the concepts pertaining to the women. However, if you reside in this place called ISB, and that too a week before the end terms, it is not a great idea to limit the scope of the interest. Consumers in business are no less important (no harm in talking like a marketer). Here are some “two-word phrases” which are of great significance in Marketing. Earlier, I used to perceive that these marketing jargons are meant to confuse people. Now I admire the elegance with which these phrases are associated with. More I link these concepts to the real world, the more I appreciate their utility and value. Here are a few of these phrases. Only problem is that, I donot have sufficient time available to understand these concepts to my satisfaction.
Brand equity
Price premium
Price sensitivity
Economic value
Contribution margin
Optimal design
Consumer preference
Product attributes
Market share
Assessor model
Market segmentation/targeting/positioning
Customer acquisition/expansion/retention
Product differentiation,
Unilateral incentive

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