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Friday, May 05, 2006


So finally....Four days of the week come to an end. And the informal weekend starts for the ISBians. I call it "informal weekend" as it doesnot exactly reflect the fun-filled weekends which most of us were used to, before joing ISB. There are enough assignments to make the next three days busy.... not to forget sessions like "Leadership Development Program" which are scheduled for Sunday. However all this doesnot stop the students from taking a break from the kind of life it has been since the last four days. Movies.....Parties.... Paradise biriyani are all lined up to bring that much needed respite. It depends on the individual how much fun he can derive from the host of activities that are all lined up for the next three days.
ISB is known for the professional diversity of students......However the psychological diversity too demands a mention. Some people have turned out to be more serious than what I estimated them to be. Some others prefer to bring out a more lively image of their personalities. There are others who normally prefer to maintain a low profile and I am sure we will get to know more about this category of people during the placement season. There are also an extremely determined bunch of people, who are determined to find their life partners from ISB and have started their focussed approach from day one. Again there is this "cribbo" bunch who cannot stop cribbing about the minutest happenings of life. Then, there are this selected few, who are the "professors in making".
Enjoying this psychological diversity is another aspect of my stay in ISB.

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