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Thursday, May 25, 2006


There is always more than one possible way to define the same stuff. For instance, I can either define this period in ISB schedule as either “one week post mid terms” or “one week prior to end terms”. Well, that’s summarizes the ISB exam patterns….an exam every 15 days and around eight assignments to separate one exam from the other.
Mid term results are more or less out. Some people have done really great while others have scored more than their expectations. I don’t feel like writing about the people who still crib that they could have got more.
As time progresses, the excitement of exams is likely to go down. When the same thing happens again and again everyday, however tough and traumatic it may be, it becomes a part of life. And at the end of the day it is this “trauma” that explores the nascent capabilities and strengths that lies hidden within every individual. I can remember the statement which all the esteemed people of ISB used during the orientation week....."trauma transforms". Now I can feel the strength of this phrase.
It is raining outside at the moment and this, along with the week end, has got the mercury level down. It is such a nice view outside, as I look out of my quad. The exotic main building of ISB sits outside as majestically as ever. Not many activities happening around tonight….. and with no parties, it is not a typical ISB weekend. The campus is too silent tonight….perhaps bracing for an eventful tomorrow. However, the silence around has the effect of the typical enigmatic mysticism, which I have always loved and enjoyed.

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