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Friday, May 12, 2006


Before we complete just 15 days in ISB, we realise that the mid term examinations are just around the corner. Students are well aware that Economics and Statistics grades are heavily dependent on these mid terms.... and not to forget those regular assignments, which consume the charms of the weekends.
It is really interesting to see mid-career professionals spending time so diligently with these business concepts. The "doc" who was used to anatomy, endoscopy and similar terms is busy understanding the concepts of marginal analysis and supply-demand curve.... while the "Major" is busy analysing the latest concepts that will successfully launch a new product into the market. The "Master of the ship" is no more worried about the safety of the ship, as he has to worry about how he should master the confusing names of numerous accounts that Prof. Finn has been teaching. The IT guys seems to understand Statistics better.... while sitting diagonally opposite the CAs seem to be enjoying the accountancy which they have done so many times, before coming to ISB.
Come next Friday, and we get to know how these varied individuals will fare against each other. But one thing for sure.... competition is getting tougher with each passing day.


Vinay (a.k.a Resolute) said...

The Master of the ship sure feels like 'Jack of all subjects and master of none' ... hopefully I'll master at least one before the mid-terms.
long time no see ... the carzy sked is making people invisible!


You r right , Vinay.... People are getting more and more invisible as time proceeds (especially in the week ends)...i guess thats a part of ISB life.