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Tuesday, May 09, 2006


It’s high time I should introduce F-6. Not that I have not introduced them earlier, but I feel the real intro of F-6 demands much more than what I have written earlier about the 5 Gods (including me) and one Goddess. Such is the aura of the Goddess, that her mere presence derogates the Gods to the level of mere mortals.
Today these esteemed people decided to meet (to do something constructive). And what can be more constructive than completing the marketing assignment, the submission of which is due in a day. So A, S, H, V, and myself decided to meet in the cool quad of K. It’s a really cool quad, thanks to the visibility it provides to all the interesting things happening in the nearby quads.
The discussion started with some calculations, some perceptions and some imaginations to re-discover the marketing caliber of the collective team. But imaginations ruled over perceptions, and perceptions ruled over calculations, and soon F-6 realized collectively…..What the hell are we doing here?....Should such a beautiful evening be sacrificed brooding over marketing stuff for some company whose existence is under intense debate.
“A” decided to saturate himself with a couple of bottles of Kingfisher and started narrating the exciting moments which he used to enjoy in oil rigs including his experience of being on an oil rig near AP coast when the tsunami struck hard. K and myself felt really obliged to the Almighty for the kindness he bestowed on us by making sure A was absolutely unscathed by the tsunami and thus making his presence felt in F-6.
While A, K, and myself were busy discussing our past experience and moments, V and S were busy in persuading H to host a small party for us. Now, about H, she is an amazing cook…. makes really good “aloo-parathas” and other stuff in her quad. But for some unknown reason, she shares the output of her culinary skills with the whole world minus F-6.
In the meantime my phone rang, and by the time I joined back the team, they were on their way to the dinner table of Sarovar Plaza and guess what….the last traces of marketing discussion has completely given way to antakshari. I realized that all the F-6 people are damn good at antakshari and this time they were determined to bring this fact to the notice of the whole ISB. The antakshari continued…. and classic self compositions from K added to the already jubilant mood of F-6. It continued in the mess, it continued on our way back, it continued for yet another hour on the lawns near the ISB main building….. and in a volume that made sure that nobody within a radius of a hundred meters would miss it. And for the rest of ISB… they had no choice, but to listen and admire our skills.
Finally we returned back to our quads…… who says we did not do anything constructive…. I am sure 80% of the ISB knows us now… Voila.....Nous sommes F-6.


Nikhil Kamma said...

I wish I was there. It's been a long long time since I played Antakshari. Good going !!


Nikhil.. next time F6 turns out wild, we will definitely give u a call.