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Sunday, May 21, 2006


As fifty percent of term one is over, it is changeover time for the professors in ISB….. time to say goodbye to Prof. Robert Stine, Prof.Asim Ansari and Prof.Amit Bubna. While Prof. Richard Waterman will continue from exactly where Prof. Stine left and will delve deep into the concepts of regression, Prof. Jag Mohan Raju will be our new marketing professor. Prof. Rakesh Vohra has already started with his lectures on pricing and oligopoly (I hope I have spelt the term correctly).

The rate at which assignments are to be submitted is ever increasing with a huge positive slope. It has been just a day after the mid term, yet not a single soul has any great plan except continuing with the whole bunch of these assignments. But, I must agree to the fact that doing these assignments is one of the best ways to learn and keep the tempo with the fast pace lecture hours.

In spite of the hyper hectic academic schedule, the intersection football tournament is under progress. Section F is already in the semis, thanks to the really spirited performance of the players. The finals are scheduled in the evening.

The GSB president is already elected. Now it is time to elect the directors of the committee. I sincerely wish all these people a great tenure during their stay in their respective offices and do a great job for ISB class of 2007.

It is time to search for ELP project team members. It is not possible to undertake a project without deciding a team. So I have to find at least three more people who will be interested to undertake the project with me.

One important piece of information from ISB admission committee…. ISB will no more accept GRE scores from next year onwards (Class of 2008). The ISB will join the board of GMAC. So all the aspirants, who are banking on GRE should start their GMAT preparation.


yashovardhan gupta said...

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