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Monday, May 22, 2006


One fine day, God decided to create Adam (Man). Few days later, he decided to create Eve (Woman). After that he decided to relax and passed on all the rights to Adam to decide the future of world. Adam was so much impressed yet confused about Eve, that he decided to play the role of God and go ahead to create something as interesting and confusing as Eve. With this in mind, Adam decided to work hard towards his goal. Unfortunately he couldn’t replicate anything like “Eve”, yet came very close towards success in his endeavors. There were two things that Adam had invented by this time. Guess what…. One is a “ship” and the other is a “computer”.
Now the ship is as exquisite as Eve with all the aesthetic curves and charms. Adam kept on admiring his abilities and skills every time he came close to the ship. When Eve was not around, only thing that could fill Adams heart with almost the same fulfillment of admiration is this invention of his.
Now coming to the computer….Adam did a great job in inventing the computer. Just like Eve, it made life so easy for him. Any tough work in life….just pass it on to the computer and it will do it for you… just like Eve does. But sometimes it is so difficult to predict anything about the computer. Almost as confusing as Eve… though not more. Adam has experienced this so many times in life. Sometimes, he comes with the sweetest of the red roses to meet Eve only to receive the nastiest of thrashings. At other times, he is in a real hurry, while Eve is determined to make things worse for Adam. And when, she is in a good mood….whoop….Adam need not really describe what she can be up to.
Whatever be the situation, but one thing can not be debated…..Adam without Eve is like a poet without emotions. Eve is always there to help out the ever confused Adam in whatever he does. Eve is always more sensible in her feelings and emotions which Adam often overlooks, yet she is always there whenever Adam needs her the most. But still....Adam finds very little difference between the psychology of Eve and that of a computer........Why is that so?


Anonymous said...

Even GOD himself confused about the psycho of came ADAM know??
nicely written dude !!!
reading ur blog has become a habit of mine...
good wishes

Vinay (a.k.a Resolute) said...

Sabya getting mushy.... hmmm :)
I know that u love ships and computers ...extrapolating this theory a little bit.... who is she?


Deb... how are things back there.

Vinay....We just completed Bobs lectures...Extrapolating too much often give erroneous results... hahaha

Anonymous said...

Hi Sabya,
Things are as usual here and being a 3rd year PhD student, I have to rush with time now.
Am going Sydney in June to attend one conference and also I will visit one research institute after conference. Probably I will stay there for 2 weeks.
Best wishes for ur final exam of term-1.