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Wednesday, May 03, 2006


In my last post, I was talking about "decision making" with respect to a manager. But, then is decision making the prerogative of a manager.... well, may be.... when we talk about statistics or economics or accounting or marketing.
But as we take a silent plunge into our very own personal lives, we can realise how many decisions we take..... and how important a role they play in our personal lives. Sometimes life is kind enough to provide sufficient time and data, so that we can weigh all the pros and cons of the situation and come up with a prudent solution. At other times, things happen so quickly, that we barely realise that life has already taken a decision for us. Whatever the case may be, life moves on and we follow the rythm.
Now, that I have mentioned the word "rythm", let me come out of my philosophy to venture outside back into the lecture theatres of ISB. As the number of lectures keeps adding on, the students are getting tuned to the statistical eloquence of Professor Stine, the structured marketing approach of Professor Ansari, the accounting skills of Professor Finn, and the economics jargons of Professor Bubna. These professors may be very different from one another in their teaching skills, yet they are able to instill a sense of "beauty" to the respective subjects. And at the same time they make sure that we appreciate this "beauty" well enough......and how do they do that? Through assignments after assignments after assignments.....just endless. And now let me get back to one of those assignments.....

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