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Friday, February 02, 2007


Some movies are complex and some scenes in such movies are even more complex….it is so difficult to understand the underlying unfathomable depth of emotions and every time such scenes walk in the memory lane, it makes me think hard. Though these are just movies…I am sure they are the reflections of the real life and this adds to the invisible turmoil.

What would Guido have in his mind when he winked at his son and paraded away, knowing well enough that his son would not see him again?
(From the closing moments of the movie “Life is Beautiful”)

What kind of mental turmoil did Scarlet’O’ Hara face everytime she met Rhet Butler?
(From the movie “Gone with the wind”)

What would have been in the mind of Rose when Jack was capturing her in the brush….what role the “heart of the ocean” would have played in defining her thoughts?
(From the movie “Titanic”)

What could have inspired Benjamin Martin to attack a complete troop with the help of his two little kids and how would he have felt after destroying the enemy?
(From the movie “The Patriot”)

What could have led Pelagia to slowly enter into the life of Captain Corelli?
(From the movie “Captain’s Corelli’s Mandolin”)

......Too complex to have an answer

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