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Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Before I move ahead, into the most important week of ISB, let me take a u-turn and look back at the courses which I studied during the 6th and 7th term. By 7th term, I have already completed my specialization in Finance and Strategy, thanks to my 5th term when I managed to complete 4 finance courses.

In the 6th term, I had Investing in Private Equity, Strategic Performance Management, Strategy implementation and Managerial Decision Making. A strong recommendation from my side to those who will be ISB next year – don’t miss the course Managerial Decision Making. If you are in the ISB, and you have not taken this course, you got to miss something really serious. Mostly dealing with the concepts of process, meta knowledge and framing, this course is likely to redefine the way you think.

In the 7th term I had International Finance, Group Dynamics and Organizational Politics and Change Management. Professor Kenwyn Smith who was the instructor of the Group Dynamics is one of the most influential persons I have ever met. Most of the professors always start the lectures by giving their interpretation of what “value” is. After Kenwyn completed his series of lectures, I feel I can convince myself and get a closer answer to this elusive concept of “value creation”.

8th term will start from 27th of February, but before that is this long gap. For some people, it is amongst the most frustrating moments of life, for others it is the period of self discovery, for some it is the time for peer discovery, and for others this period is just a collection of ten simple days which are in no way distinct from other days.


Jayan R Nair said...

The new-look Blog has a classical touch..The last paragraph is interesting.

Best of Luck on Placements..



Thanks a lot...Jayan