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Saturday, February 24, 2007


Time and again, people have wanted to know how the scene of investment banking is in ISB. Well…to be frank I am not even remotely connected to investment banking…neither by profession nor by aspiration. However, I have been in close contact with people from investment banking aspirations. So let me write my understanding of investment banking in ISB.

The heavy pay checks of investment banking jobs make sure that a reasonable chunk of the population aspires for these roles. CAs, economics or mathematics graduates and engineers are mostly the people who crack these jobs, though there can be exceptions.

I can divide the investment banks into two kinds – “the most sought after ones” (mostly based in London, NY etc) and “the sought after ones” (located in Mumbai, Chennai etc.) The most sought after ones are the huge global brands while the second variety constitutes of regional or Indian companies. Some people have great work experience in finance (including investment banking, mergers acquisitions etc,) before joining ISB and these are the people who are likely to crack the “most sought after ones”. Others with finance background and engineers who want to go for career changes settle with the “sought after ones”.

Now if you are the kind who have already collected great experience in finance before coming to ISB, you are the right candidate for the most sought after investment banks in lateral roles.

If you don’t have the required finance experience, but have still fallen in love with the investment banking jobs, you need to give your best in learning the concepts of finance in great details to the level that you can crack the finance questions which the “sought after ones” ask in their interviews or other selection processes. Also you may do some kind of self study or independent study to learn the topic better.

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