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Tuesday, February 20, 2007


It is so easy to go attend an interview and get an offer. Companies are offering left, right and center. It is so difficult to battle the mind reminding the fact that it is not wise to go and accept any offer.

It is so easy to pack the bags and leave for home once you get an offer. It is so difficult to stand at the window and see people moving out with their luggage.

It is so easy to come back after accepting an offer and keep on cribbing that “this is not the offer which I wanted”. It is so difficult not to compromise on the desires of heart.

It is so easy to make a dull face even after getting an offer. It is so difficult to have a charming smile even without an offer.

...But the road to real success it not has to be difficult. And in the process of walking this difficult path, one learns some of the most valuable lessons in life.

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Jayan R Nair said...

far from Being anonymous you have posted your pic in the blog.