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Saturday, February 17, 2007


Day one and Day zero offers, mostly from the consultancies, investment banking and some leading FMCGs have started flowing in…The pending international offers are also being declared today. Some people are just gearing up for the champagne, while others are trying to get their rhythm back to face the rest of the week. The campus is a vibrant and emotional mix of success and hope.

As a person with a slightly different set of ambitions, I was a silent spectator to the day one happenings. Felt nice to congratulate the people who got through. Felt slightly awkward to meet those people who worked hard from the very beginning of the year but couldn’t make it through the day one interviews. I am sure these people are made for bigger things.

A few other consultancies, IT jobs and other industry jobs will begin to flow in from tomorrow. The excitement is only likely to increase with time. It is also the time where one learns the practical ability to take risks in life. Does a person have the ability to say no to a company and wait for the role which he aspired for…or will be accept any offer to get out of the pressure?

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Jayan R Nair said...

Interest to know that you were not interested in any of the day zero or day 1 companies..

What are the post MBA careers you are looking for..

Any way I will keep following your blog..