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Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Its 31st Jan that completes the first year of "keystoimaginations" . Many many happy returns of the dear are indeed an important part of my life in ISB.

Tata finally won over the Corus bid and thats is just one of the indications that Indian firms will have a leading role to play in the global business. And thats good news for our bschools also.
Job postings are maintaining a healthy positive slope. Some of the visible trends, from the early ppts and postings are

1. Each Company (on an average) is offering a wide range of roles. That sugests that number of candidates each company is likely to choose can turn out to be a decent number.

2. The gap between the salary structures of consultancy firms and non-consultancy firms (industry) has narrowed down, and at times the difference is negative, with industry offering very lucrative roles.

3. Indian companies are offering extremely demanding and lucrative roles.

4. Salary paypacks are normally sufficiently higher that last years average (with occassional outliers).

5. Indian companies are offering global roles.

6. Media, real estate and pharma sectors appear pretty hot with quite a number of companies and high paypacks.


Anonymous said...

What components enter in a paypack (say base salary, bonus, ...)? Could you elaborate on the rough percentages of each?


It varies from company to company...Some companies include everything in the final salaries...for others the story is different.