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Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Before I move ahead with other placement related stuff, let me congratulate all the members of the F-6. Just to remind, F-6 is my core term study group.

H will be moving to NY to begin with and will then move to Asia Pacific. She will be the brand manager of one of the hottest FMCG brands. Cheers… for the Network Queen

K, the senior IT guy cracked a big job in one of the leading IT consultancy firms. He will move to Pune and soon Mrs. K and Junior K will join him there. Awesome got exactly the kind of life you desired.

S tried hard for all possible finance jobs, but finally landed up in one of the hottest marketing consultancies. I guess he is also moving to Pune. Great job S, wish you all the best.

A finally managed his career shift to finance and will return to Mumbai. Career shift into finance is very much possible and congratulations to A…the success should be sweeter especially after all the hard work.

V also cracked a great profile in IT business development and will be based in Delhi and US.


Anonymous said...

Congrats to all of you! You've done great!
BTW, what type of profile is needed to receive an offer as a brand manager in NYC? Are we talking of 10+ years experience in marketing or finance?
Thanks much and again congrats.


Anon..thanks a lot..

Well regarding the brand manager thing, I am not very sure how my friend who cracked this job will be placed within the company... most likely some training, then assistant brand manager, then brand manager...

She has a background from marketing in leading television channels and is 27 years of age, if that gives an idea of the pre MBA profile