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Monday, February 05, 2007


Resource” and “capability” are two words which are used very closely in the MBA lingo. Mostly these are used in the broader context of an organization, group or a firm. But I feel there is no harm if these two words can be extended to the individual level as well. Every individual has access to his share of resources and at the same time he has to rely on his capabilities to convert his access to resources into something valuable.

To understand this process of conversion we need to look into two more complementary words that are again treated with high respect…. these words being “energy” and “focus”. If we try to instill these two characteristics in an individual then we can identify four different categories.

1. High energy and high focus – amazing individuals.....will succeed in whatever they do.
2. High energy and low focus – these people will spend a lot of efforts and energy trying to put their hands into every basket…..will achieve something or other at the end….though the clarity factor will be missing
3. Low energy and high focus – these people have a decent idea of their meta knowledge and with the high focus they tend to like what they do even though their progress can be restricted due to the lack of energy.
4. Low energy and low focus – God bless this category

In a place like ISB, especially when the atmosphere is so hot…I can divide the group of individuals mostly into Group 2 ……followed by Group 1….and then by Group 3. Good that I am yet to meet an individual in ISB who falls in the fourth group.

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