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Sunday, January 07, 2007


The number of companies has been rising with every passing day....shortlists are being announced quite frequently...Every shortlist leaves some people happy and some others confused.

Till now it is not clear which criteria companies choose in their shortlist procedures. But from what I feel companies value the past work experience and the fitment issue the most. At the same time it has been noted that companies at times choose people from a strikingly different background. For instance a real estate company choosing some one from shipping, or an IT company choosing some one from the iron and steel background... Reason is not clear for this. Looks like.... companies value diversity a lot during their selection process.

There are situations when people with great CGPA donot get shortlisted and sometimes it has been disturbing for these people. But I am sure that the consultancy biggies will not disappoint the high CG people.

The fact that ISB is modelled for people with atleast 2 ( may be 3) years of work-ex is getting more and more evident as quite a number of hot-shot recruiters are looking for people with a minimum number of work experience which normally varies between 2 to 5 years. But, there are some companies who offer only entry level roles as a matter of policy and this is a consolation for people with less that two years of work ex.

The interesting thing is that nothing can be predicted now. The seemingly most admired person in the campus may not even get a shortlist for sometime... while a seemingly very ordinary person can crack a fortune....

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