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Thursday, January 04, 2007


It’s the term break now….that separates the Term 6 from the Term 7. With numerous take home exams and projects, the official Term 6 is likely to extend deep into Term 7.

Let me take this day off from the MBA schedule and just relax. I cannot think of any particular topic, on which I can write today….so let my fingers decide the content of this post. Let me scribble down whatever I feel like.

ISB sounds very silent today…with the occasional bursts of laughter of the little kids who are playing in the lawns. Some of the babies who could hardly do anything except lying on their mothers’ arms are now having a great time…screaming and running all around.

Since the last couple of days, there have been a number of adieu mails from those ISB students who are leaving for their exchange studies. So, their tenure in ISB comes to an end….may be some of them will be back in the placement seasons. Good luck to all these people who are already on the other side of the globe.

It is also the time for the decision of the ISB torch bearers’ awards. These awards are given to those people who have invested effective efforts into enhancing the ISB brand. Some people have done simply great. New clubs (especially the media and the real estate clubs)…the net impact club….and all other professional club leaders ...the famous ISB Radio team….all those winners who had the time and energy to win inter b school competitions….the potential list is really long.

The ISB radio is a great success story in ISB. All the roles within the team are played by the students of the ISB…..including the RJs…..a real entertainer….and a relaxation pill.

What else…cannot recollect anything more now….will be back with more substantial posts soon.

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