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Wednesday, January 17, 2007


The age old phenomenon repeated once again when the consultant shortlists were declared. Mostly the people short listed in the consultancy are the deans-listers and the non deans-listers who are selected have some terrific spikes.

There have been often debates on why these consultancies normally prefer people with great academic background. According to me, the people with good academic backgrounds fit naturally into the kind of the work expected to be done in the consultancies. The process of building a good CGPA demands patience and diligent efforts, and the nature of consultant job is very similar to this process. Moreover, consultancy is the only place where all the theories learned at a b-school will find ready use. So there is every reason why the consultancies will prefer a person who has worked hard, given enough time to learn the theoretical stuff of the b-school curriculum.

However having said this, I must stress that consultancy is not everyone’s cup of tea. One of the first decisions that one has to make in a b-school is to discover the difference between industry and consultancy. Industry and consultancy are two completely different directions and this is more evident for people who are in the early phases of management career.

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