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Wednesday, January 24, 2007


It is such a great feeling to sit down and keep chatting about some of the funniest incidents that happened over the period of last one year or so. This is exactly what we (me and my quadmates) have been doing over the last few hours. It is such a rare occassion to have all the four people together at the same time in the quad...
We talked about so many things. It began with the excitement of joining the professional life once again. But soon, the complete discussion shifted to complete lighter veins where each one of us were trying to recollect some of the funniest incidents that have occured over the last one year.
SC recollected how he entered a girls quad at 3:00 clock in the morning (ofcourse to do assignments), with the subsequent happenings (which has to maintained within wraps)....NA informed us a top class secret when he revealed a secret which he had not disclosed to anyone yet. It so happens that NA is amongst the most studious persons in the campus and utilizes most of the time in the LRC. One night he studied so hard that he forgot his quad and entered the ladies quad which is exactly opposite to our around 2 in the night . Only when he opened the fridge, he realised that we never keep juices, ice cream...and all such sweet things in our fridge. Suddenly he noticed the change in orientation of the quad and only then it struck to him that he was in the wrong quad.... I am sure NA didnot sleep the whole night.
NA also reminded how pissed off I was with him, when he so gracefully allowed the wrong person to enter our quad at the wrong time (let me not disclose anything about the wrong person and the wrong time)
NM has still not learned how to hold the cigarette.....after all, who is the teacher?
We laughed and laughed and laughed....didnot feel like going back to sleep.

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