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Saturday, January 20, 2007


One distinctive advantage of being at a bschool is to understand the different routes that define different aspirations of the people. For instance let me put down the myriad ranges of choices that people who are about to complete a b-school might be considering.

Choice 1 : Join a part of the organisation....stay within the the trust.... internal as well as external reputation.... and grow within the company to senior roles.

Choice 2 : Join consultancy...learn about various industries....after a few years either shift to the industry in fairly senior roles after discovering the best fit or move into senior consultancy roles.

Choice 3 : Join a start up or start something new....give your best and make sure the venture meets the desired success....after a few years either sell off your company and move for another venture or to industry in big roles or stay within your start-up which is no more a start-up

Choice 4 : Join investment banking....kill yourself during the first decade of your career....make enough money to enjoy a vacation the rest of your life.... quit investment banking to join the industry

Choice 5 : Join a sick company....make a turn around....attract attention....either be a turn around specialist or make sure the company never return to its sick ways by leading the company.

Choice 6 : Move ahead in academics....get your Phd. done....join as a professor in a leading US hard and get your reputation built....get industry touch in the research and become a consultant to various companies, apart from enjoying the luxuries of a prof.


Swapnil Nadkar said...

sabya...great summary of options. These pretty much cover everything one can do post an MBA. One is not preferable to the other. Depends on what kind of life you want; what kind of job you want should emerge from that. :)


Right...and if a person understands himself well and chooses the option that best suits him..he will crack in life.

No option is superior or inferior....