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Saturday, January 27, 2007


Changing jobs frequently has been the present day trend amongst the young professionals. But is it just a fashion activity or is there any real career aspiration to regularly switching jobs…or is it done just to satisfy personal egos…..I really donot know. But I have always carried a negative image of this “regular job switching” activity.

I believe that every organization can be visualized as two concentric spheres. There are two kind of persons who work for any organization….one group lies within the internal sphere (internal region) and the other group lies between the interior sphere and the external sphere (external region). People who have stayed with an organization for some time find themselves within the internal region. This region is fairly stable and doesn’t see many changes. However, the exterior region changes frequently. People enter and move out of this region frequently. For an average organization, the external region is larger than the internal region.

Now, it is nothing but natural that most of the important activities happening within the organization will be decided by the people inside the internal region. The reason being the people in this region have spent sufficient time understanding the organization better. People in the external region can gain entry into this internal region only after gaining the trust and the loyalty of those who are present in the internal region.

In contrast, people who are in the exterior region of one organization can move into another organization. But they can only move into the external region of another company, from where it follows the similar route to enter the internal region.

However, it doesn’t mean that one should not look for changes. Positive changes always add a lot of value to the ones career and if the change can take directly to the internal sphere….then its worth all the efforts.


Suresh S said...

Hi SABYASACHI, I have been a regular reader of ur blog posts. I truly appreciate the maturity of thoughts in ur posts. I agree strongly with u regarding ppl hopping from one job to another. I think there has to be a very strong reason for such a hop. If ppl do it for petty reasons, they would never make it in to the core of any organization! I feel its necessary to get in to the inner sphere of any firm to discharge ur resources to the fullest an provide justice to ur job!


Thanks Suresh....