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Friday, January 19, 2007


On an average, 4 PPTs a day and 20 spam mails per hour....this has been the trademark of the 7th term. And the spam mails are "requests" for ppt swaps. Considering the fact that, there are multiple ppts at the same time, certain students are assigned to attend the ppts, apart from those who are interested in a particular ppt and hence the reason for the swaps

2007 looks simply awesome....economy is booming in literally every aspect of the industry and hence placements in all B-Schools all over the country is likely to break all records and ISB looks no exception. Another one month....and things will look so different within the campus.

Indian companies are growing at an amazing pace and by all expectations this is likely to be reflected during the placements. New sectors like retail holds a lot of promise....and traditional sectors like healthcare, IT, consultancy and diversified industries are performing better than ever before.

The success of management institutes in a country is so closely tied with the success of the local industries and this is so much evident in the Indian context as well.

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