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Sunday, March 25, 2007


Last week was busy terms of assignments. With an average of three assignments per day, this week reminded of the dreaded Term-2. Not that this term is tough…just that most of the assignments were compressed during this time.

With mercury level rising, weather is getting worse with each passing day. The dis-orientation week will start soon followed by all the exit formalities. With India out of the World cup, we have to find different avenues to make this period memorable.

The PGP forum was concluded recently. This is done to provide feedback to the ISB administration on where things can work better and which practices should be discontinued etc. Every year the practical feedbacks are introduced for the incoming batch. No system is perfect and there is always plenty of scope to climb the positive slope. Feedbacks of last years batch were introduced in our batch and certain things went great. The experience of our batch should definitely help the next batch and this trend will continue.


Anonymous said...

hi are all the placements over? how have they been?


Placements were expected

Anonymous said...

As an outsider who loves everything about the ISB and its emergence as a great business school, let me congratulate you for successfully completing your PGPM.

If I may, I would like to ask you about the plans for a PhD program at ISB. As a current student at ISB, do you have any information about when ISB plans to introduce its PhD program. I have been searching the web for any news on this without any luck.

I believe that one of the next steps for ISB in its development as a top tier business school in Asia is the introduction and nurturing of a successfull PhD program.

Having a motivated pool of doctoral students is a great asset for attracting and retaining top-tier research driven faculty and for increasing the research output and the brand image of a business school such as the ISB.



Dear Venkata,

Many many thanks for such a warm mail.
Well about Phd.,I completely second u that phd program is a must for any great bschool.

But as they say "Rome was not built in a day"

Isb has been doing extremely well in PGPM and even better in the short term executive programmes. Post doctoral programmes are existing now,and pre doctoral programmes are likely to be introduced soon. Thus the next logical step is Phd. But it will take some time. Expandinf fast always has a pressure and the pressure should be sufficient enought to handle.

but with the centers of excellence coming up really well and two more in line....propects of phd are bright. It is a matter of time that phd program is introduced.

bye and keep in touch

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reply.
Yes I like the post-doctoral program at ISB which is great for research.

What do you mean by a pre-doctoral program? Does it prepare students for future research?

One of other things to look forward to for the near future is the accreditation from the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (A.A.C.S.B.) for ISB. The accreditation process supposedly takes 3 to 5 years and if I am correct ISB started this process last year.


Venkata...u seem to know everything about ISB... i think ISB started the process...may be lastr year...or may be a year before that...

I am not very sure what will be there in predoctoral...lets wait and see.

Anonymous said...

No, I do not know everything about the ISB :)

Thanks for the information and for your wonderful blog.