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Monday, March 12, 2007


It is quite interesting to see how B-Schools orient themselves. Let me present two examples which presents the evolution of the B-School culture. Before the Enron debacle, not many B-Schools had an explicit stress on ethics as a subject. Soon after the Enron debacle and other corporate frauds that followed, ethics became one of the most important features of any good B-school culture. Ethics became a part of day to day life and things like plagiarism, copyright violations etc. are now treated with severity. Special courses (in ISB we have courses like Business Ethics, Government Society and Business, and Business Law) were introduced into the curriculum, which can enlighten students on the repercussions of unethical business.

Let me both inform and warn the class of 2008, about the Honor Code Committee, which holds the ultimate power to arbitrate when it is perceived that something unethical has happened and the honor code has been violated. Things like plagiarism, copying the assignments, or any exam related unsolicited conduct can be disastrous. Honor Code is for the betterment of the institute. Respect it and remain away from any activity which can lead to breaching of the Honor Code.

Also various social issues are high on the agenda of the leading B-Schools. Business Plans related to social ventures are treated with high respect. Devising strategies to bring the benefits of the industrial resurgence to rural settings (especially in a country like India) are quite important areas of interest. Clubs like Net impact club has been closely linked with such issues and a lot of students are aligned towards a career in nonprofit organizations.

Things keep on evolving and the business school culture is no different. Maximizing profit….maximizing profit in ethical manner….social obligations….things are evolving.


Alok said...

i have been following this blog for long !!
just commented to tell u.. what u write is just amazing, things are just very well put and discrete.
do keep writing.


Thanks Alok...will definitely keep writing...after MBA.