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Saturday, March 03, 2007


Life cannot be better than this. Evenings are busy celebrating our closing days in ISB…exploring the unexplored. I donot think I can meet my resolution of going to bed early and getting up early within ISB. Last evening we (F-6) spent a lovely evening in this place called Serengeti in Ories. Damn good place…great ambience…great food…great drinks…all at a reasonable rate. For the first time V remained in his senses even after consuming a pitcher of beer. Normally one small can of beer is good enough to make him reach the craziest levels.

A new member joined F-6 and very soon this serious looking person adjusted himself into the carefree F-6 culture. I am sure the strength of this group will increase within months of leaving ISB and make it even livelier.

Holi is just a few hours away and I wish all the readers of this blog a very colorful HOLI. The placements done with…Holi within ISB promises to be a great event.

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