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Friday, March 30, 2007


Time flies….seems like yesterday when I attended my first lecture in ISB….my first presentation…my first assignment….

A few hours ago…I presented my last presentation in ISB … attended my last lecture …. submitted my last assignment.…

It was an unforgettable moment when we stood up and clapped for the last time…after the Behavioral Finance class…we knew this was the last time we were clapping as students of ISB within one of the Lecture Theatres. Every moment of the last class was so touching.

Within a fortnight….everything will start once again…Managerial Economics... Statistics….Accounting…Marketing…just as it started exactly a year ago. But we will not be there to listen to those phenomenal professors. A complete set of new faces will take over the campus in just another fortnight…

I don’t know if life will provide me another opportunity to be a student again…but yeah….life as a student is always sweet…very sweet….

Life is such a dynamic affair….


Anonymous said...

you rock...what you wrote is exactly the feeling of almost everyone today. Though i have one more exam to go, my heart also years for a chance to sit in lectures by Messers Stine, Finn and Vohra.

I wish this was a dream i could relive. Thanks for being there as a friend and wish that will stay in touch for life.

Gaurav Singh

Jayan R Nair said...

While going through the ISB Website I saw a photograph of the ISB founders. It included Bala Balachandran a distinguished accounting professr of Kellog. But Now he is no longer associated with ISB but runs a B-School in Chennai. There was also a Pic of Ratan TATA. The current executive board or Governing council does not include TATA also.

What is the reason why these distinguished members have moved out of ISB.
Any thoughts??

Jayan R Nair said...

Hi Sabya,
For last couple of weeks I am struggling to set my expectations right about my future career path. I know that from now on the only thing which will determine my growth is my Focus (hopefully I have abundant energy? or that is what people say..).
How can I set my expectations right..
Looking at your blogs looks like you are an appropriate person to talk to.
If you dont mind can you share your mobile number so that I can talk to you.
You can send me an e-mail at



Gaurav....we will definitely stay in touch...u see "networking"...hihi

Jayan....feel free to write anything on my gmail id

As for the members of members join...sometimes existing member leave....depends on their time and other activities. Dr. Bala was amongst the illustrious founding fathers of ISB, but presently he has devoted himself for Glakes.

There are many snaps where you will find the topmost business leaders visiting ISB....all neednot be in the board...btw Mr. Tata was the chief guest in ISB during last year's convocation.