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Friday, March 02, 2007


Before I move ahead on placements, let me write something on the 8th term. This term is already a week old, yet it shows no impact on anyone. So it is going to be parties, celebration and preparations to close the final chapter of students07. The placement fever has completely evaporated. The Holi celebrations are just around the corner.

This term I have taken 4 courses – Behavioral finance, Business Law, Negotiation Analysis and Marketing Strategy… it is really difficult to open the course packs now. My immediate priority is to get my biological clock right. I have been used to sleep at 3 am and wake at 9 am since the span of last six months…trying hard to sleep by 12 and wake up at 6 am now. Need to leave ISB with normal living habits.

Graduation day details are already planned out to the minutest details. 7th April is the convocation. I will stay in ISB till 8th morning 6 am. We are supposed to hand over the keys to the ISB housekeeping by 8th afternoon. So that gives a week for the housekeeping to do the cosmetics works before the new batch arrives on 14th. Our school is just getting ready to say us good bye and welcome the class of 2008.


Jayan R Nair said...

Hi Sabya,
DId not see any news about ISB placement this time. Did I miss it or they have not been put up yet.



The "placement week" just got over....The "placement process" normally continues till March end.

ISB normally declares the closure of placement during March last week and then the official press release follows.(although i still donot believe the logic of passing on the pay packs to the press. Great schools never pass on their salary structure to press and in due time i hope ISB will avoid such publicity to press)

Jayan R Nair said...

Yep I agree with you that Salary structure need not be passed to the press. Last time there was so much commotion.. They need not even invite and have a press conference I believe
But What can be done is update the website and preferably Highlight the companies that recruited more than a specified number of candidate. Since the website is up for viewing by public it acts as an information bulletin. What do you think.

I know that they are already putting up the company names. but Highlighting the company names is missing.