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Saturday, March 03, 2007


A good negotiator is a great asset for any organization. As the world becomes smaller, where things are no longer restricted to one particular country, the role of negotiators is even more pronounced. A good negotiator not only gets great deals for his own party but also ensures that the other party gets out of the deal satisfied.

So how do such people think and behave? How do they develop their skills? Can good negotiation skills be learnt? I personally believe that such skills can be learnt with time and experience. Negotiation is in itself a huge area of research in the academic world. One way to learn the basic skills is to keep reading books dealing with such issues. Reflecting on past experience, trying to realize the mistakes, and assimilating the learnings from the mistakes are important. Developing cultural sensitivity and tolerance towards others are basic prerequisites of any good negotiator. A great negotiator, like a psychologist can successfully decipher out what the priorities of the other party are.

As we move ahead in life a big chunk of our success will depend on how good negotiators we are. Every day presents us practical lessons on negotiations. Learning from these small day to day experiences can be of great impact as we apply our learnings to more important issues.

(A suggestion to those who will be joining ISB – Negotiation Analysis is offered in ISB twice…in 7th term and in 8th term. Make sure you take one of these courses…will definitely be effective in learning some very useful tips in negotiations)


Jayan R Nair said...

I read in the microsite that it is preferable to have a Finance calculator. I put up a question inthe discussion forum asking which model to go for did not get any reply.
Do you have any suggestion.



I really donot think that you need a financial calculator. For assignments, you will be mostly using the excel based softwares.

I donot think there will be any exams which specifically mentions the need of financial calculators.

Jayan R Nair said...

Thanks Sabya..