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Saturday, March 17, 2007


In a B-school, it is important to be aware of a lot of things. In spite of heavy stress on group activities and team spirit, the role of individualism can never be underestimated. One should either remain away from these things or learn how to deal with such things. Some of these things are as follows.

1. Undue hype: There will always be hype with any three letter abbreviation starting with I. (IIT/IIM/ISB). I still keep on wondering what all this hype is about, in spite of being a part of two such institutes. But one thing for sure – this hype originated from the activities of the coaching centers and press...and for their own selfish interests.

2. Indian Press: No one benefits more than the press in creating the crazy b-school placement stories.

3. Unsolicited advices: There will be so many people ready to give you advices. If you start following all the advices you will be so confused in life that you will find yourself in a mental asylum. You are defined by your individualism...and no one understands yourself better than your own individualism.

4. Illogical rumors: At times, rumors seem so real that they become facts and people keep on believing these rumors until the real stuff come out. Anything that sounds illogical is likely to be a rumor, as per my experience.

5. Impractical aspirations: All the above issues (undue hype, Indian Press, unsolicited advices and illogical rumors) can create an environment which is the breeding ground for impractical aspirations. These impractical aspirations create a group of people, who turn out to be amongst the funniest people, I have ever come across. Such people get frustrated in life easily and bring out their frustration in front of the world in a rather disgusting manner. God help such people and let other people live in peace.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Always look things from a wider viewpoint...use your OWN beliefs and sense of practicality. Remain away from frustrated people, unsolicited advices, illogical rumors, undue hype and impractical aspirations.


Anonymous said...

Sabya, how should one approach in dealing with the mindset of people influenced by the above 5 points?

SABYASACHI said... maintaining ones individualism and looking deeper into any issue.

Aditya Sarvjeet said...

Very-well said compliments!

Aditya S..class of 2008


Aditya...welcome to assured that you are going to enjoy one of the best years of your life....

Chandra said...

Rightly said dude. Could not have put it in a better way!


Chandraji....thats life in a b-school.