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Sunday, March 04, 2007


Before I upload the Holi snaps, let me copy the post which Major sent to students07 before leaving to Duke for his exchange. Major is amongst the senior and the most respected people of our batch. People from the defense services are so different from others…so matured and inspirational. They have seen the thin line of demarcation between life and death so closely. Perhaps this is the reason which makes them treat life in a different manner. Here is the post.

Hi Folks,

Happy Holi to all of you!!

Its now my turn to bid adieu…I am going to Duke on exchange. I left the campus last week, since the placements were still in full swing I could not get an opportunity to meet all of you and choose to write after the storm had settled.

Last eleven months have been truly exceptional for me, in some sense I rediscovered the world. What stands out specially has been the interaction with all of you. I must confess the love and respect which I got is something one would miss most. Through the run-up to placement interviews, it was endearing and immensely touching to see so many of you wishing me luck and probably that’s the key reason for me getting my dream job.

I believe most of us have got jobs that we had set out for, while some are still exploring. I can’t resist the temptation but to take the liberty of giving some gyan here….I am sure we all realize that campus recruitment is just one route and as per precedence first six months should see most of us getting there. These are times when one can live his dreams—must not settle for anything less!

Additionally, I gauged there was some anxiety around the positions and money being offered-- here my gray strains would stand by me--life is not a 100m sprint but a 40km run you may have not got the perfect start but there will be opportunities at galore to make up and take a lead; sincerity, hard work and perseverance are still the most valued virtues. So hold steadfast and enjoy the ride, we will read about the true winners in tabloids in 8-10 yrs from now!!

Finally as you step out, let the world know the best of the very best is here. There is no other institute which can boast of such pedigree. We live in exciting time when business are being redefined in India let us spear head this phenomenon.

I will be based out of Amsterdam; will miss the opportunity to meet you all that often. Let’s keep in touch my email ID please send me your private email ID.

Wishing you a lifetime of Joy and Success--God Bless!!


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