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Monday, July 31, 2006


It is one week down Term-3 and yet it finds no mention in this blog. Well, let’s begin the journey of this term with a brief description of the quant heavy courses that defines this term. Operation Management…..Corporate Finance…. Managerial Accounting… Can any combination of courses beat these courses in terms of quant content? Apart from these three, we have Entrepreneurship… a very different kind of topic with extremely subjective contents. Once again all the courses depend heavily on case studies. Needless to say that professors are as good as ever.
One thing that differentiates term-3 from the previous terms is that a myriad of other activities are to be taken care of along with the course lectures. Exchange study…ELP team formations….PAEV ideas…..bidding for electives….and last but not the least the beginning of placement related activities. And this is just the beginning. The results of the exchange studies are already declared. So some people have to start another parallel series of activities like applying for the visa, researching about the school, contacting alums who went to these schools....blah blah.

With two terms down and just two terms left for the core term to end, people have started searching for partners for the courses to be done during the core terms. I also realise that my association with F-6 will remain for only two more terms and then each of us should align with our individual goals. It is such a sweet group and I really do feel a pre-nostalgic feeling about it.


AD said...

hey sabya,
like the phrase pre-nostalgic...sounds kinda oxy-moronic :-) weren't interested for Exchange study?

and what's ELP and PAEV? some programs/set of activities related to Entrepreneurship...?

"we meet to part and part to meet again" - anon

Anonymous said...

ad..ELP is more like a project for an organisation or a company (more like summers of 2 years mba)
PAEV is an entrepreneurial course within ISB. More details on this are on one of the earlier posts.